How much does an Uuzilo motorcycle expedition cost?

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What is the risk? Is it dangerous?

Driving motorcycles is dangerous. Travel in Africa is challenging. Heat, cold, dehydration, infectious disease, crooked cops, scorpions, wind, sand,

Uuzilo guides have first aid experience. Uuzilo, in partnership with Garmin USA, maintains global communication through Garmin’s satellite communication network. We are able to make a SOS communication from anywhere on the continent. However, to coin another three letter acronym, TIA (This is Africa). Uuzilo seeks to demonstrate self sufficiency. We enter “the bush” with the full understanding we self rescue.

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What about insurance?

Uuzilo provides all participants international travelers insurance for major medical and evacuation expenses. Uuzilo participants must have a domestic health insurance policy.


Participants waive Uuzilo of all liability associated with undertaking an Uuzilo motorcycle expedition in Africa.


Do I have to be able to ride a motorcycle?

Uuzilo participants must have a valid driver’s license with motorcycle endorsement. Experience and ability will also be considered during the nomination process.

Uuzilo is developing a network of qualified motorcycle instructors nationwide who will provide instruction in safe operation of motorcycles. If you are interested in learning to ride motorcycles in hopes of participating in an Uuzilo expedition in Africa, please contact Uuzilo.


I am unable to receive an evaluation from a licensed mental health professioanl. How can I apply?

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What qualifies as PTSD?

Uuzilo motorcycle expeditions are intended to help those who have experienced a sudden and unexpected, life-altering event resulting in post-traumatic stress disorder or profound grief. The National Institute of Health (NIH) recognizes PTSD affects not only survivors of combat, but also terrorist attacks, natural disasters, serious accidents, assault, abuse, or even sudden and major emotional loss. Symptoms range from irritability to night terrors to complete loss of function in society. An evaluation by a licensed mental health professional will determine the nature of an individual’s emotional and mental state. If you have been waylaid from your previously fully-functional life by a devastating emotional loss or violent event, an Uuzilo expedition could be right for you.

Where do we sleep?

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What do we eat?

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Do I need a passport? Visas?

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What gear will I need?

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Do I have to share my story wit the public?


Are there physical requirements? Conditioning?

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My trauma was many years ago. Do I qualify?